Fibre-reinforced profiles and technical winding components


Ernst Kühne Kunststoffwerk manufactures fibre-reinforced plastic profiles using the pultrusion and filament winding techniques.

Our pultruded profiles are reinforced using glass fibre, carbon fibre, aramid fibre or basalt fibre. They are impregnated with epoxy, vinylester, polyester and acrylic resins, and then gradually cured using a heated die.

We can provide a wide range of pultruded profiles as standard, including round profiles, semi-circular profiles, rectangular profiles, hollow profiles and more (see our Profile Catalog for full details). We are also experts in manufacturing complex, one-off shapes.

We can produce pultruded profiles of any length, as well as supplying weather-resistant profiles, profiles with conductive surfaces, and flame-retardant profiles. We can also deliver profiles in custom colours to suit your needs. Pultruded profiles are used in all industrial settings, including in the automotive, aerospace and defence sectors, in rail vehicles, and in wind turbines.



WACOSIT® pultruded profiles

Construction and characteristics WACOSIT® profiles are made using a process known as “pultrusion.” The fibres used to reinforce the profile are injected with artificial resin and then gradually cured in a heated mould.

WACOSIT® profiles can be reinforced with glass fibre, carbon fibre, aramid fibre and basalt fibre. There are various different specifications for each of these different types of fibre. The most commonly used glass fibres are E-glass fibres, but profiles can also be made with R, S, or T-glass fibres, which come with enhanced mechanical properties.

The resin matrix includes epoxy, vinylester, polyester and acrylic resin.

You can find more information about the pultrusion process at:


Fibre-Reinforced pultruded profiles

We can supply bespoke pultruded profiles in a variety of different material combinations to meet your specific requirements.


Mechanical and plant engineering


Aerospace and defence

Medical technology


Sport and leisure

Aerials and communication equipment

Windows, doors and gates

Wind energy


Profile catalog

We have developed the world’s most comprehensive standard range of pultrusion tools. We have over 5,000 of them, all of them manufactured in-house

You can find dimensions for most of these tools in our latest WACOSIT® Profile Catalog. Of course, we are also happy to supply bespoke profiles according to your requirements and blueprints whenever you need them.

Who we are

Ernst Kühne – Innovation from the start

“Ernst Kühne revolutionised the manufacturing process for fibre-reinforced plastics when he developed the pultrusion technique.

In early 1954, Ernst Kühne invented the pultrusion process while working in a major electrical manufacturer’s development lab. Kühne produced his first extruded products, featuring glass rovings and impregnated with epoxy resin, himself. As well as the pultrusion technique, Ernst Kühne also invented the machinery required for the process, as well as made-to-measure dies. It was at this early stage that the electrical, chemical and mechanical parameters associated with pultrusion profiles were first determined. Kühne then went on to set up Ernst Kühne Kunststoffwerk; Europe’s first pultrusion manufacturer.

Around the same time, W.P. Goldworthy, one of the pioneers of fibre composite technology, was introducing the pultrusion process in the United States. However, his work concentrated on manufacturing profiles using polyester resin, whereas Ernst Kühne focused primarily on epoxy resin.”  – Cit. Wikipedia


WACOSIT®-Profiles: Structure and properties

We use polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins to make our WACOSIT® profiles.

In order to conduct computational analysis of fibre composite materials, you need to know the elasticity and modulus of rigidity for the unidirectional single layer. Unidirectional construction leads to greater rigidity and stiffness in the direction of the fibres than can be achieved with a shear or transfer layout.


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