Railway systems

Railway systems

Ernst Kühne Kunststoffwerk: your partner on the rails

WACOSIT® pultruded profiles
Certified according to EN 45545-2:2016

Ernst Kühne Kunststoffwerk has been producing profiles for the rail industry for many years, and complies fully with the DIN 5510-2, BS 6853 and NF F16-101 standards.

Our current generation of WACOSIT® specialist pultruded profiles also meet the demanding fire safety requirements of the EN 45545-2:2016 standard at every stage of the manufacturing process (processing, painting and assembly).

They have been successfully used as corner, rectangular and bespoke interior profiles (requirements sets R22, R23, R24 for HL3 rail rolling stock), and as exterior roof panels and cladding (HL2/HL3, requirements sets R1, R2, R3, R6 + R7). Our profiles:

  • Meet all fire safety requirements
  • Deliver excellent stiffness and mechanical load capacity
  • Are resistant to chemicals and corrosion
  • Are UV and weather-resistant
  • Provide low thermal conductivity
  • Ideal for painting
  • A wide range of standard profiles is available. We can make bespoke and complex profiles from your blueprints
  • Application-specific structures and designs available