WACOSIT® pultruded profiles combine outstanding dielectric strength and creep resistance with excellent mechanical and thermal properties, making them essential components for electrical applications.

We have more than 5,000 tools available (see our catalogue for full details) to meet a wide range of requirements, and can draw on years of experience working with insulation systems for motors, transformers and generators.

All our profiles designed for electrical applications meet the requirements for insulation classes F and H; dimensions remain stable for long periods at temperatures of 155°C (Class F) and 180°C (Class H).

Electrical applications

In ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, WACOSIT® profiles have proven themselves as taper locks, bolt groove head inserts, supports, intermediate layers, binding rings, shaft isolators, clamps and bars.

In TRANSFORMER CONSTRUCTION, WACOSIT® profiles are commonly used as stand-off for cooling channels, tie rods, clamps, supports, intermediate layers, bars and non-magnetic presses.

In SWITCHGEAR, WACOSIT® profiles are used primarily as selector rods, tie rods, spacers, supports, axles and fastenings.

In GENERAL ELECTRICALS, WACOSIT® profiles are used for a wide variety of applications, for example as rods in artificial resin suspension isolators, conduits for resistance wires (wound parts), brush-holders, spacers for busbars and clamps, as well as to brace aerial masts.