Sport and leisure

Sport and leisure

With their combination of light weight and outstanding mechanical strength, glass- and carbon fibre-reinforced pultruded profiles are particularly suitable for use in sports and leisure equipment.

They are widely found in tennis racquets, ski poles, sail battens, archery arrows, skis and tent poles. They are also corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for the outdoors. We also offer a range of specialist profiles specifically designed for stunt kites.

WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT®-CLI stunt kite rods
We have developed a range of WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT® CLI carbon-fibre rods specifically designed for stunt kites and boasting outstanding technical properties. WACOSIT® CST is designed to be incredibly tough, while WACOSIT® CLI is unbelievably light. The full profiles and hollow tubes are manufactured using the pultrusion technique.

WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT®-CLI standard dimensions*)

Standard dimensions

*) Other dimensions available on request

In test flights, stunt kites made of WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT® CLI rods have produced great performances, even under extreme loads and in the most extreme conditions.

  • WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT® CLI both combine very high levels of stiffness with low specific weight.
  • WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT® CLI tubes both feature an additional coil along the entire length of each rod. This makes them stiffer than their competitors and prevents the kite from tearing along its length.
  • WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT® CLI are made using a specially formulated resin mixture, meaning they can easily handle operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 130°C.
  • WACOSIT® CST and WACOSIT® CLI rods can be supplied in any length, so the sky really is the limit!
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