Windows / doors and gates

Windows / doors and gates

WACOSIT® pultruded profiles for windows, doors and gates: Where design meets energy efficiency.

Whether for a new-build or a renovation, the combination of energy-efficiency and modern design is always in demand. With their light specific weight and outstanding physical properties, WACOSIT® GFRP profiles are perfect for even the most demanding projects.

Ever-tougher environmental legislation and the demands of modern architecture need profiles that go beyond the legal minimum and help designers to achieve the look they want, whether they are working on a new development or a renovation project.

GFRP profiles can be used to replace more traditional materials like wood, aluminium and standard plastic profiles, or be combined with them to achieve a unique effect. They can also help to improve energy efficiency, service life and value-for-money, as well as making the building tougher and more robust.

WACOSIT® GFRP profiles won’t corrode and offer outstanding levels of thermal insulation. Add in the fact they are recyclable, take very little energy to be produced and have very long service lives, and it becomes clear that WACOSIT® GFRP profiles are an outstanding product for the future of construction.

And what’s more, all of Ernst Kühne Kunststoffwerk’s profile systems for windows, doors and gates come with outstanding quality, low maintenance and customisability as standard.

Ernst Kühne Kunststoffwerk has a wide range of standard WACOSIT® GFRP profiles in stock, but we have been coming up with individual, bespoke products since the very beginning, and we are still doing it today.

Our experienced engineers and technicians are happy to work with our customers to make sure they get exactly the profile they need. WACOSIT® GFRP profiles can also be combined with other materials, including PUR foam and wood, to give you even more sustainable design options.

Thanks to our pultrusion system, based on unsaturated polyester resin and featuring glass rovings, glass mats, glass fabric and glass fleece, we can easily manufacture made-to-measure profiles and cross-sections with the exact properties and surface characteristics you need.

Our comprehensive range of colours and individual, customisable designs, including a wide variety of patterns and surfaces, round off our top-quality product range.