Our path to sustainability

As a family business we think in decades rather than in quarters.
Using long-term perspectives, we are more able to be responsibly considerate of society and the environment.

To this end, we are committed to the following:

  • Determination of the CO footprint for all our products in order to be able to make fact-based decisions
  • Project groups with our suppliers to obtain bio-based raw materials for our applications
  • Optimization of our supply chains
  • Reprocessing of production and cleaning agents
  • Expansion of our green energy generation through photovoltaic systems to currently 110kWp
  • Wallboxes for customers, visitors and employees
  • Participation in the working group “Composite Recycling” of the German Plastics
    Association GKV-AVK
  • Agreement with and support of all Supplier Code of Conducts for our customers
  • Regular meetings of our “Sustainability” working group

Our goal:

Together with our partners, suppliers and customers, we want to grow and excel in sustainability management with the ultimate goal of climate neutrality for our company.