Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic profiles (GFRPs)

We produce pultruded, glass-fibre-reinforced plastic profiles under the WACOSIT® brand. These profiles are built for specific applications and have a number of advantages over other profiles. Here are just a few of them:

WACOSIT® profiles deliver excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical performance. They are also resistant to corrosion, moisture and many chemicals.

WACOSIT® profiles stand out thanks to their extra-smooth surface finish and the fact they can be reliably manufactured to extremely low tolerances, meaning there is usually no need for any post-processing.

The WACOSIT® range offers a wide range of models, so you can find a made-to-measure product to suit your needs. They can also be supplied in custom colours, with conductive surfaces, or in weather-resistant or flame-retardant specification.

WACOSIT® profiles can be manufactured to any length; the only limiting factor is transport. This gives them a major advantage over profiles made from GFRP sheets.

WACOSIT® profiles are easy to work with. Parts to be glued on can be flitted with a “peel-ply” layer, meaning there’s no need to painstakingly file or grind the surface.

WACOSIT®’s combination of a comprehensive range and full technical support – whatever your application – makes it the perfect choice for your construction projects.