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The advantages of WACOSIT®


WACOSIT®offers a multitude of processing advantages

The advantages of WACOSIT® can be attributed to its high-precision machinability and use in a broad range of applications.

Under the name of WACOSIT®, we supply pultruded, fibre-reinforced plastic profiles, guying elements and wound tubes which, because of their properties oriented towards applications, offer many advantages:

WACOSIT® possesses good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, and is resistant to corrosion, moisture as well as many chemicals.

WACOSIT® is characterised by high surface smoothness and reliable dimensional accuracy. Subsequent mechanical processing is normally not necessary.

WACOSIT® offers tailored solutions from the numerous types which are available. WACOSIT® can also be supplied as e.g. weather-resistant and flame-retardant versions, or with an electrically conductive surface as well as in special colours.

WACOSIT® is produced in any length - the length is only limited by the transportation conditions. This constitutes a major advantage over profiles made from fibreglass-reinforced sheet material.

WACOSIT® can be processed further without any problems. Parts to be bonded can be supplied with a supplementary "tear-off fabric" - this saves the inconvenience of sanding down or roughing up surfaces.

WACOSIT® meets your design requirements by an extensive supply programme and intensive advisory services for applications.