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Pultruded profiles


WACOSIT® profiles are manufactured by means of the pultrusion method, whereby reinforcing fibres are impregnated with synthetic resins and are cured continuously in a heated mould.

Schematics of a continuously
working pultrusion line.

Besides fibreglass, carbon, aramid and basalt fibres are also used as the fibres for reinforcing WACOSIT® profiles. Various fibre types exist for each kind of fibre used. Thus for example, there are R-type glass fibres, S-type glass fibres and T-type glass fibres, which are characterised by enhanced mechanical properties, as well as the more commonly used E-type of glass fibres.

The resin matrix is made up of epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester and acrylic resins.

Tooling is available for more than 5,000 WACOSIT® profiles.

You can find exact measurement in our current WACOSIT® catalogue.

Specific dimensions for WACOSIT® profiles can of course be supplied to meet your particular requirements.